treatment wetlands

I have been working in wastewater treatment for 20 years. I like to use natural systems for water purification (now called Nature Based Solutions), clarify and resolve your doubts about these systems. 

I also design systems worldwide.  I have open collaborations in Ecuador, Iraq, Europe, and I worked also in  Gaza Strip,  Algeria, Brasil. A lot of projects I designed and many of these were also realized. 

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(*the picture above is in South Mesopotamia the marshland of the Garden of Eden, I was there 9 times)

First stage... completed!

Yes, the first thier of the project is almost done.  The project which I am co-director with Meridel Rubenstein is on the right way to be completed with the WastewaterGarden!

national project on treatment wetland in the mountain area

ready to start a new project thanks to CAI and Fondazione Angelini... after 16 years of operation the treatment wetland system of the Rifugio Bosconero gives the birth of the national survey about the wastewater treatment in the italian huts.

 Thanks to Italian Alpine Club (CAI) to support this research. 



Alps and Apennines preserve relevant biodiversity, landscape, and cultural values. The context and the fragility of mountain ecosystems in the actual climate change scenario highlight the need to reduce human impact on the environment, making local communities more responsible, with an urgent call to managers and users of mountain accommodations for environmental protection. One of the priorities concerns the wastewater produced by decentralized facilities, even more if these contexts are framed within protected areas.

The present work investigates potentials and limits in the implementation of constructed wetlands wastewater treatment systems (CWs), in a selected representative sample of eleven refuges, identified by Italian Alpine Club (CAI) technical offices (CSC, CCROA, CCTAM) within the context of protected natural areas extended to the national territory, from North to South.

Firstly, an assessment of water use and consumptions data is presented, with a particular emphasis on the weekly and monthly oscillations due to the seasonality of such activities. This assessment leads to the design of Horizontal flux CWs. Thus, an economic evaluation of such design is proposed, distinguishing between different scenarios of accessibility and the geological configuration on the construction area. Finally, an analysis of the suitable vegetation species to use in CWs for each case study is presented. 

Results positively confirm the technical and environmental feasibility of such decentralized solutions in most cases and highlight the categorization in different economic classes, in function on the unit cost of CWs, greatly depending on site accessibility. A set of plant species was chosen for each refuge, depending on local biodiversity and ecosystems.

This preliminary research represents a remarkable opportunity to significantly increase raise awareness among facility managers and to make effective implementation of wastewater treatment in the mountains with a systematical approach, which has so far been carried out without a national dialogue among different realities. As a potential reference model, the work is not intended as a feasibility project and does not represent any constraint of implementation, but it establishes a reference system for the possible realization of CWs plants for CAI mountain shelters.

Wonderful conference in Netherlands on 19 June 2019 hosted by the Iraqi Embassy in NL and the Wageningen University, where I met again many important people such as the Iraqi Ambassador in NL, the Iraqi President's First Lady, the Iraqi Minister of Water Resource and the Minister of Agricolture, and also the German representative of the Imam Abbas Holy Shrine in Karbala.

it is the time to celebrate my patent, the Tech-IA system developed in 2006 with Dr. Gianluca Simonetti and Prof. Maurizio Borin. 

it has been an honor and a pleasure presenting my work of the Rifugio Bosconero at the 2018 national conference of the Italian Alpine Club as a member of the Scientific Committee 

here on the left a preliminary design of the project I am doing in Iraq with Jassim Al Alsady of Nature Iraq, Meridel Rubenstein, Mark Nelson of and many noew and old friends.

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*the picture is about the first design of the project in Iraq.

the important conference for the Project in Iraq was held in Singapore in 2015 with the full team . 

one of the best treatment wetlands I designed is now working in Ecuador. It is for a swine farm and now a lot of sludge is treated instead to be discharged in the river - 2016

one of the systems I designed early in my carrer were in Assisi.  It was made with ArtecAmbiente and Mauro Lajo my 15 years partner in this sector - 1996/2018

my ppt presentation in the conference in Baghdad - 2015

what a good talk in the conference in Belluno about wastewater treatment in the Dolomiti - 2017

In the Mesopotamia Wetland I was making  a GPS measurement for the Iraq project  and this Sir ask me for a picture.... 

almost ready for the Iraq TV interview inside the Nassiriya Archaeological Museum