I am an agronomist and I really like to be involved in farming projects. I start my worldwide farming carrer in Brasil where I do simple talks with farmers to improve their rural management and their marketing skills about their fantastic products. Then I move to Senegal and Kenya. What a wonderful places.

In Senegal I helped a friend with a start-up. The idea was to set up a vegetable cultivation in a good place inthe farmland off Thies.

(*the picture above is in Kenya. I am involved in a farm project to help the development of a green farm in the yellow savana.. all is made by this group of women).

back again in Casamance to meet these wonderful farmers involved in a Organic Farming project - 2018

also in Kenya water is essential for farming - 2017

teaching in Kenya at the Baraka Agricultural College in Molo - 2017

Baraka Agricultural College is convinced the ‘Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development' (SARD) is an appropriate development strategy in response to the economic, social, environmental and political realities of Eastern Africa

coffee flowers in Brasil 2011

farmers meeting in the field - Brasil 2012 ( I think it was more or less over 40 C degrees)

Olive Planting Project in Palestine - 2015

working hard in Senegal - 2012

my first Farming Start Up .. foggy cabbage in 2011

between Hot peppers and eggplants in Senegal faming school of Thies - 2016

useful drip irrigation system in the North of Senegal - 2012