in my world

I was very lucky, or professional, to be in many different and fascinating places in the world. Algeria, Brasil, Jordan, Iraq, Gaza Strip, Senegal, Kenya and why not many European countries. I have not been there as a tourist, I was there as myself to do something.

... behind of us there is the Lion of Babylon. What an amazing hours spent walking in this ancient site, where Alexander the Great lived and many other important facts of our hystory happened. Me and Jassim Al-Asadi of Nature Iraq, April 2019.

... and when I met Sarah Obama in Kenya 2017? OMG what an amazing talk we have had with this fantastic woman about climate change, farming, local history. I still think about her and how she remember how old is she. Much love and eternal hugs to you (passed on 2021, eternal flame)

M O U N T A I N . . . a l w a y s ;)

the most important religious man I have ever met in my carrer.... Ahmed Radhi Al Husseini the representative of the Secretariat of the Imam Abbas Holy Shrine in Karbala, based in Germany. Here we are with Eng. Jassim Al Asadi of Nature Iraq NGO.

what a wonderful surprise to be choosen in the group that visit the CERN ATLAS lab last 23 August 2018 in Geneve.

When the dream of a child come true!!!!!

here they experiment what really matters, from the smallest to the bigger!

Good luck to all of you.

a modern thing in one of the oldest place in the world: I am selfing myself in a windy day in the top of UR in Iraq - 2016

Have you never seen UR in your history book? that's it! and it is big!

Me, Jassim Al Asady and Nabeel of Nature Iraq , travelling by boat in the Marshland - 2016

river crossing by ferry in Casamance - 2017 (check the color of the dust sky behind me)

perfect lunch in Iraq. It is the best way to eat marshland fish, with fresh watermelon and local bread.

back home from Baghdad - 2015 (how many times I saw that swords in the TV news during the wars)

The Dolomiti, one of my mountains and my tattoo - 2017 (I am really proud to have the Dolomiti on my skin) at the Bosconero Hut-

Ecuatorial forest in Ecuador - 2016

highway bar in the Sahara in Algeria - 2009

under an heavy rainstorm in Brasil 2012

this is Gaza Strip - 2014

breakfast in the Marshes - Iraq 2013

and the winners are.... When we won the LAND ROVER contest with this beautiful video: a land rover there VIDEO on youtube

Everlasting Thanks to red blake studio

back again from Kenya 2018